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Moreover, all the ryots pay the taxes into the hands of the
gaud (headman) aud the Saitbhdg (accountant). The gand is
obliged to have the village lauds cultivated for the sura of
money fixed by the government (as tax). He hag to collect
the taxes according to musanija (agreement?), pay it to the
government in time, and settle the accounts once in a year at
thtjatnabandi. Some fields of the village are cultivated with
the knowledge of the government (and some without it). As
the lands cultivated with the knowledge of the government
are described in the duplicates of their registers, the income
from the fields which are not mentioned therein benedt the
village headman and the accountant, who appropriate it tor
The ayagars possess manyas^ on which all of them except-
ing the purohita have to pay jodi. The gaud and Sftnlkfy,
however, get other small perquisites, from the ryots, on
account of the influence which they exercise in the village. It
may however be asked why the ryots do not complain to the
government against them. In the first place, they are swayed
by considerations of loyalty to these officers under whose
protection their ancestors had flourished for generations.
Secondly, the ryots do not come into direct contact with the
government; and lastly, they are afraid that these officers
might submit false reports about the extent of the land culti-
vated by them. Owing to these considerations, the lyots
always remain obedient to the gau$ and the §anbh&g.
In addition to the buyam, the arthagam and the bh&i&ejriti-
manya, the talari gets from the villagers every day thick
porridge of ragi flour, citrry and ears of com, and from the
ELurubas blankets; for they are afraid of him, as he, who is like
the kotwal to the village, may single them out at first, to e*ny
the luggage............of the government servants.   He hAB to
protect the village from dangers of all kinds and assist in tibe
work of administration as occasion arises* If any &eft is com*
mitted during the sojourn of aliens in the village, tbc tol&i w
held responsible. The Kawl&rB toe held responw^ (for